All Coast Driving School offers professional driving instruction in a MANUAL  car:

  • novice learners;

  • log book triple time, (up to 10 real time hours = 30 log book hours);

  • Automatic licence holders wishing to gain a manual licence;

  • International licence holders (conditions apply; see QMR website).

All Coast Driving School can take your learner from a raw learner driver with no on road driving experience to a level of driving competence beyond the minimum requirement to pass the “Q safe” practical driving test.┬áDuring the Q safe practical driving test you will be required to perform a minimum of two on road manoeuvres, one of which will have a reversing component. Remembering the Q safe test is to establish that you are competent and confident to be able to drive safely in various traffic conditions and road configurations.

During your lessons you will be taught (in detail) the required manoeuvres and conditions you could encounter in your practical test. Examples:

  • “U” turns at intersections and or round-about,
  • Reverse in a straight line,
  • A vehicle turnaround (3 point turn) and
  • Reverse parallel park.

In addition to the above list you can expect to be tested in other various situations for example:

  • Turning at traffic lights
  • Hill start (manual or automatic car)
  • Correct signalling
  • Stop and give way signs at various intersection configurations
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Turning/cornering, (road position before and after the turn)
  • Giving way and safe gaps
  • Steering operation and steering control
  • Rate of progress (rate of acceleration and speed of the vehicle)
  • Braking control